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Brinton Lodge
Haunted House
Ghost Touring
Since 1995
Ghost Tour of Philadelphia PA
Candlelight Walking Tour
Peer into the other side of history & folklore in
America's most historic and
most haunted city!
Philly's most popular & unusual nighttime
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Ghosts of the Mansion Tour
Push aside the cobwebs of haunted Philadelphia and
step inside a historic, haunted Society Hill mansion!
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Join us for an entertaining walking
tour in the town once described as
the "damnedest town this side of
hell." Discover the tales of ghosts,
haunted houses, lost cemeteries and
restless spirits from Tampa's quirky
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St. Petersburg
Seldom-told tales of mystery and
intrigue lurk in the shadows of the
"Sunshine City." Hear stories of
ghostly lovers, haunted mansions
and wandering spirits along one of
America's most beautiful waterfronts!
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John's Pass
Gather your courage and scare up
some fun on a ghost walk of the
boardwalk and village of John's
Pass in Madeira Beach!
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Ghost Tour of Lancaster PA
Lancaster City
Candlelight Walking Tour
Explore the long forgotten mysteries of one of
America's oldest cities. Haunting tales of eternal
vigils, fatal curses, lost love and more!
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Candlelight Walking Tour
Hidden deep in Pennsylvania Dutch folklore lurk
stories seldom told -- and then only in whispers. An
entertaining evening of haunted mansions and eerie
cemeteries, all while Amish buggies pass by!
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Ghost Tour of Gettysburg, PA
Discover the ghostly legends and mysteries of one of the most haunted towns in the U.S.! Choose from the
Jennie Wade Ghost Tour or Haunted Orphanage Tour! Experience the haunting stories of a town torn apart by
the Civil War -- and the spirits left behind.
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Ghost Tour of Ocean City NJ
Stroll along the beach and avenues of New Jersey's family summer vacation destination on a candlelight
ghost walk. Hear haunting tales of the shore, from the ghosts of Victorian B&B's to pirates and shipwrecks.
Close to Atlantic City, Cape May & Wildwood.
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New Jersey
Ghost Tour of Philadelphia   We Bring History Back to Life! Call 215.413.1997 or 215.413.7000.
Ghost Tour of Lancaster   Hear the folklore and spirited tales of PA Dutch Country! Call 717.687.6687.
Ghost Tour of Gettysburg   Legendary ghost stories of haunted Gettysburg!
Ghost Tour of St. Petersburg & Tampa Bay  In the shadows of the Suncoast! Call 727.894.4678.
Ghost Tour of Ocean City   Fun in the sun turns into fear in the dark! Call 609.814.0199.
New Jersey
Concealed in the shadows of history, hiding among folklore and legend, live tales of ghosts and haunted
houses. Passed down from generation to generation, whispered so as not to wake the dead, these tales
endure the passage of time  -- refusing to go quietly into the night.

Venture off the beaten path into a world of hidden pasts and dark secrets,
of restless spirits and eerie sightings.
Join us on a Ghost Tour tonight!
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